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Number For Sale: 51
Median Price: $5,982,500
Median Price Per Square Foot: $542
Median Days on Market*: 89

Updated June 19, 2019

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Total Living Area SqFt
Beds Garage Lot Sqft
Pool Days On Market* List Price List Price Per Square Foot
20102 Stories770 Dragon Ridge Dr17,5625589,298Yes204$17,500,000$996
20173 Stories or More, Basement750 Dragon Ridge Dr14,07761595,832Yes246$14,999,000$1,065
20061 Story1198 MacDonald Ranch Dr23,554612106,286Yes241$9,500,000$403
20093 Stories, Basement1508 MacDonald Ranch Dr11,5696324,829Yes144$8,999,999$778
20152 Stories731 Dragon Ridge Dr11,3756549,658Yes126$8,995,000$791
20072 Stories, Basement1207 MacDonald Ranch Dr13,31771235,284Yes89$8,899,000$668
20191 Story659 Scenic Rim Dr8,6455423,087Yes9$8,000,000$925
20082 Stories587 St Croix St14,1807833,106Yes9$7,900,000$557
20193 Stories, Basement583 Lairmont Pl12,9785827,443Yes307$7,722,000$595
20053 Stories, Tri-Level1187 MacDonald Ranch Dr18,0827857,935Yes138$7,350,000$406
20071 Story597 St Croix St10,0053495,396Yes390$6,950,000$695
20062 Stories1199 MacDonald Ranch Dr8,9864633,977Yes39$6,750,000$751
20062 Stories605 St Croix St14,4857428,314Yes0$6,250,000$431
20161 Story, Basement647 Cityview Ridge Dr8,6994524,829Yes56$5,999,000$690
20192 Stories, Basement1485 Foothills Village Dr9,5656616,988No59$5,990,000$626
20073 Stories1703 Tangiers Dr12,5387316,988Yes365$5,975,000$477
20192 Stories629 Dragon Peak Dr8,6005447,045Yes193$5,900,000$686
20043 Stories1480 MacDonald Ranch Dr11,6395427,443Yes149$4,999,000$430
20192 Stories1707 Tangiers Dr10,16152017,424Yes216$4,995,000$492
20192 Stories657 Tranquil Rim Ct6,9845613,068Yes398$4,888,888$700
20192 Stories631 Cityview Ridge Dr7,5005422,651Yes211$4,500,000$600
20082 Stories569 Lairmont Pl7,8205422,651Yes51$3,999,000$511
20192 Stories661 Ridgestone Rim Ct7,2165512,197Yes68$3,999,000$554
20032 Stories1499 MacDonald Ranch Dr10,7236631,799Yes63$3,950,000$368
20061 Story, Basement1206 MacDonald Ranch Dr9,0516533,106Yes7$3,950,000$436
20183 Stories or More1687 Tangiers Dr7,2903414,810Yes469$3,950,000$542
20191 Story, Basement665 Tranquil Rim Ct6,5004612,197Yes103$3,895,000$599
20201 Story643 Cityview Ridge Dr5,9505416,988Yes55$3,875,000$651
20201 Story, Basement#2069003 – Call Joani6,5704323,522Yes128$3,812,341$580
20191 Story, Basement667 Scenic Rim Dr6,5095412,197Yes233$3,800,000$584
20191 Story508 Dragon Gate Ct5,2614738,333Yes447$3,750,000$713
20151 Story, Basement1474 Reims Dr7,9985425,265Yes40$3,700,000$463
20201 Story512 Dragon Gate Ct4,9004430,056Yes22$3,500,000$714
20092 Stories1456 MacDonald Ranch Dr9,8895620,909Yes111$3,250,000$329
20201 Story661 Tranquil Rim Ct5,0104312,197Yes5$3,250,000$649
20062 Stories580 St Croix St7,1224521,780Yes78$2,999,999$421
20192 Stories1538 Viewpoint Ridge Ave6,4385429,185Yes182$2,995,000$465
20171 Story667 Palisade Rim Dr4,9993312,197Yes145$2,875,000$575
20072 Stories491 Toucan Ridge Ct6,4046312,197Yes22$2,799,900$437
20072 Stories626 St Croix St8,9984422,651Yes78$2,795,000$311
20062 Stories1704 Tangiers Dr6,5244718,731Yes26$2,700,000$414
20103 Stories, Basement1699 Tangiers Dr7,2786417,424Yes401$2,699,000$371
20062 Stories1505 Foothills Village Dr8,7155316,988Yes173$2,600,000$298
20191 Story495 Serenity Point Dr4,7963410,890No41$2,252,112$470
20032 Stories1460 MacDonald Ranch Dr6,3594420,473Yes68$2,250,000$354
20062 Stories1668 Liege Dr7,2815312,632Yes3$2,100,000$288
20072 Stories1340 Enchanted River Dr5,5554411,761Yes8$1,999,999$360
20181 Story443 Serenity Point Dr3,028326,534No21$1,975,000$652
20191 Story#2094006 – Call Joani4,175339,583No46$1,970,159$472
20072 Stories1312 Enchanted River Dr5,2244314,375Yes5$1,899,900$364
20071 Story519 Mandalay Ct4,7375415,246Yes96$1,695,000$358

* The Days on Market in the table above is the number of days since the home was most recently listed. However, a home may be withdrawn and re-listed causing the Days on Market to be reset. Therefore, the actual time the property has been on the market may have been longer (sometimes considerably longer) than the Days on Market shown above.


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